Latest aims, objectives, and activities of Sri Ramana free clinic trust

The aims, objectives, and activities of the Trust are as follows;

  1. To provide health care to the poor free of cost at the community clinic close to their residence. Managed at Mohan Kumar Nagar from 1999 to 2007 in association with MSRMC and Rotary North West.
  2. To adopt Govt. Schools in and around Bangalore, visit them periodically with doctors; assess them for nutritional aspects, chronic diseases, oral hygiene to provide them treatment free of cost.
  3. To provide continuing health education to the adolescents by publishing book ‚ÄúNiranthara” & distribute copies free of cost.
  4. To function as facilitator in respect of comprehensive eye care to the school children. Trust identified about 250 schools each year for 2 years, coordinated with SANKARA EYE HOSPITAL to screen about 30000 children each year with the help of teachers treated needy children under their flagship programme “Nanna Kannu”. Continue reading