Final MOU for Dental Screening of students in the Budigere Cluster of Devanahalli Taluk

This Memorandum of Understanding is entered into on this day of ________ March 2013 between Sri Ramana Free Clinic Trust [R], #08, Vijay Enclave-I,    60 ft Road, Boopasandra, Sanjay Nagar, Bangalore – 560054., referred to as SRFCT (Donor),represented by the Managing Trustee on the first part,   M S Ramaiah Dental College and Hospital, MSR Nagar, Bangalore – 560054., referred to as MSRDC represented by the Principal on the second part and Department of Public Instruction Bangalore Rural District, Bangalore – 560002., represented by the Deputy Director[Administration], Bangalore Rural District referred to as DDPI on the third part.

Whereas the Donor in association with the Department of Public Instruction has desired to conduct awareness and training camps to the teachers of Govt. Schools to enable them to monitor the dental problems in the school going children of Devanahalli Taluk and more importantly to treat the children for dental problems who have been screened by a team of doctors from MSRDC Bangalore as per circular of the Commissioner of Public Instruction PRO School Nurture Programme /1/2008-09 dated:  26-08-2008 and has agreed to conduct the programme as per the guidelines in the said circular by preparing a ” Program of Action”.

SRFCT, NGO established during the year 1999 is registered as Wholly Charitable Trust u/s 12A[a] of IT Act 1961 and recognised u/s 80G of the IT Act. It has multifarious objectives of serving the poor at free of cost to alleviate their sufferings. One such objective is to provide comprehensive healthcare to the students of Govt. Schools who belong to BPL families.

They are screened and treated in the area of General Health & Nutrition, Speech & Hearing and Eye & Dental Care. This is performed in association with M S Ramaiah Medical and Dental Institutions.

The DDPI is in charge of Bangalore Rural District comprising of 4 Taluks viz., Hoskote, Devanahalli, Doddaballapura and Nelamangala comprising of 1500 schools (Govt. Aided and Unaided) where 1, 59,000 children are studying. Children who study in Govt & Aided schools belong to the BPL families.

The DDPI has undertaken the task of providing quality education which emphasis on a cheerful environment. DDPI monitors the overall development of these children including the health aspect. DDPI enlists the services of Public Private Partnership (PPP) to improve the infrastructure of the school buildings.

During the academic year 2012-13 these school children were screened for various ailments/problems during the annual health check-up camps conducted by the Govt. of Karnataka under the scheme “Suvarna Arogya Chaitanya”.  Students numbering 12,740 from all the 04 Taluks as above were diagnosed with Dental problems. Hence the DDPI has expressed the need to provide comprehensive treatment for the dental ailments. This is in view of non availability of facilities closer to the schools, ignorance about the problem among their parents and non affordable treatment cost. Further, the treatment needs the services of highly skilled personnel.

Further, SRFCT’s resources presently are limited. The trust has come forward to tackle this problem as pilot study thus limiting it to the 1960 identified children of Devanahalli Taluk and DDPI has agreed to this proposal. The trust has requested MSRDC to provide dental treatment and support for the successful implementation of the project.

MSRDC, affiliated to RGUHS is one of the pioneer institutions in Bangalore, established during the year 1991. This institution is engaged in collegiate education and research studies, apart from providing effective dental treatment to the people of Bangalore and Rural Areas [for different strata of society] at its hospital equipped with state of the art equipment. It is philanthropic in dealing with downtrodden.

MSRDC has considered the request of SRFCT favourably to support and combat the dental problems with its professional expertise and whole hearted involvement for the cause.

Further, MSRDC has agreed to conduct awareness and training camps to the teachers of the said Govt. Schools, so as to enable them to monitor the school going children of Devanahalli Taluk.

The programs are scheduled to be held concurrently during the months of June and July 2013, pertaining to the academic year 2013-14.

Further, MSRDC has sincerely agreed to conduct a Survey pertaining to children families. As a joint venture MSRDC and DDPI will produce a documentary /short film for the benefit of the school children. Whereas, MSRDC will support the making of the documentary in visualising the concept, suitable script in general hygiene and oral hygiene etc, required before the commencement of the process .DDPI will identify the teachers’ as coordinators to help in other support of finding suitable  location, selection of children for enacting and technical support during the process. The sponsor for entire project of the documentary/short film will be identified by DDPI.

The Donor has identified the following points for preparing the “Programme of Action.”  SRFCT, DDPI and MSRDC have agreed to the respective roles as defined below.

DDPI’s role of action:

  1. The estimated cost for the teachers’ training programme will be around Rs 30,000.00 and the DDPI will find a sponsor for the training programme.
  2. Providing logistic arrangement for the teachers training programme:
  3. Fuel expenses for transport for teachers’ to reach the venue of training.
  4. Hospitality for the Doctors and accompanying Staff at the camp site.
  5. Transport and related expenses pertaining to the identified children to reach the camp site at designated places and their stay during screening / treatment process.
  6. Transportation and other related facilities to the children those who need acute and chronic treatment in specialized hospitals to reach the respective hospital.

Role of Sri Ramana Free Clinic Trust:

  1. Co-ordination with the partners.
  2. Expenses of fuel for the transport of a team of Doctors from MSRDC to the venue of the camp.
  3. Expenses for dental materiel (consumables) used for treatment during the camp.
  4. Expenses for stationery and printing cost to maintain the records.
  5. The estimated cost for all the above activities is Rs 1, 50,000.00 to

Rs 2, 00,000.00

  1. Whereas, SRFCT has agreed to pay Rs 1, 10,000.00 (One lakh and ten thousand) only towards the project.
  2. The amount agreed to be paid by SRFCT, will be divided into three equal parts and mode of payment will be as mutually agreed upon.


Role of MSRDC:

1. Teachers’ training programme will be held at MSRDC.

2. Effective man power support in terms of dental care and treatment.

3. Availibity of Consumables on a regular basis for the treatment.

4. Recording and maintaining the data of treatment in the required format and to furnish the same to partners whenever asked for.

5. Balance amount exceeding Rs 1, 10,000.00 will be borne by MSRDC.

6. The treatment will be completed within 90 working days from the date commencement of the project.

This MOU will continue to be in force till such time it is revoked.



We, SRFCT, DDPI and MSRDC further agree that the MOU herein contained shall remain in full force and effect during the period that would be taken for the performance of the said MOU and it shall be continue to be enforceable till all the terms and conditions about the activities under the defined roles are complete.

We, SRFCT, DDPI and MSRDC further undertake to discharge our responsibilities under this MOU without any demur merely on a demand from either of us stating that any inability to honour the responsibility by way of loss or damage caused to or would be caused to or suffered by reason or any breach of the terms and condition contained in this MOU.Any such demand in writing shall be considered as contingencies if any by mutual settlement.