Screening of Eyes for refractive error and providing spectacles to the needy free of cost is also being done by the Trust.

Sankara Eye Hospital (SEH) has taken up a project: “Nanna Kannu” as one of its activities where children from Lower Economic Strata are screened for eye defects and appropriate treatment is provided free of cost which is essential for the overall development of the personality.
Since this activity of SEH is similar to that of Sri Ramana Free Clinic Trust (SRFCT), both the institutions have agreed to join hands for the successful achievement of the same.

Both the SRFCT and SEH have agreed to the respective roles as defined below.

Role of SRFCT

  1. Identify the beneficiary schools.
  2. Interact with Institution Heads for the conduct of Programme/Camp.
  3. Interact with SEH to fix the calendar events subject to the inconvenience of both the Beneficiary Institution and SEH.
  4. Beneficiary Institution would be either Government ‘Schools or Aided School” where children from B.P.L families study.
  5. Identify teacher volunteer (1 per 500 students) & make arrangements for them to attend 1/2 day training at SEH.
  6. Beneficiaries also could be from slums and villages. Local area NGO’s are also considered to establish contact with beneficiaries below BPL.
  7. SRFCT will bear the expenditure pertaining to its role as above.
  8. SRFCT will ensure that children who are referred for further investigation / cure/ surgery attend SEH by motivating parents & teachers in this regard.

Role of SEH

  1. Carry out the screening, diagnosis and treatment free of cost to the Beneficiaries children (from BPL families) at the respective Institutions. Others, free /subsidize care as per SEH policy.
  2. The Financial aspect (Commitment) of this project / Programme as well as the Technical aspects such as screening, diagnosis and treatment of t,he beneficiaries is the sole responsibility of SEH.
  3. SEH to provide the trust the detai ls/particulars of the screening, diagnosis and treatment where both SEH & SRFCT are involved, periodically,
  4. To treat this arrangement of the project as Joint Venture and prepare & provide the publicity material( including banners, handouts etc) accordingly as and when necessary acknowledging SRFCT as a facilitator for the program.

Area of operations would be entire Karnataka state subject to availability of resources.